Bamboo Utensils, Eco Friendly Flatware Set, Bamboo Cutlery Set, Bamboo Travel Utensils, Camping Utensils Set, Portable Utensils Set, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Reusable Straws Chopsticks, 7 Pieces,7.9 inch




Color: Dark Brown


  • ►100% Bamboo Utensils : You don’t need to worry about BPA.This bamboo cutlery set is made for 100% bamboo and health for your family!
  • ►Light and Fashion: The lightweight creamy-white pouch keeps the7 bamboo travel utensils together and is easy to carry. This travel cutlery set is perfect for travelling .
  • ►Sturdy and Durable: Sturdy and Durable: Bamboo has incredible tensile strength, making this wooden cutlery set reliable and long lasting.
  • ►Dishwasher Very Safe: The eco friendly flatware set can be put in the dishwasher and reused many times. though we recommend hand-washing for longer life .
  • ►Excellent Customers Service: You are not completely satisfied with bamboo utensils, just let us know and our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with our service !


1. ►Description:

Worldwide reliance on single-use packaging is polluting our planet.

Single-use cutlery is one of the highest contributor to pollution.

This bamboo utensils is a sustainable solution to this growing issue as they are lightweight

enough to be taken anywhere, but also durable to withstand continued use.

2. ►Why Bamboo?

This eco friendly flatware set is made of 100% untreated bamboo

Bamboo contains properties, making it ideal for reusable cutlery

The strength of bamboo makes the travel utensils resilient and durable

3. ►Use

The office




Meals on the go

Festivals and Food Markets

4. ►Package Included:

1* bamboo fork

1*bamboo knife

1* bamboo spoon

1*bamboo straws

1*bamboo chopsticks

1*cleaning brush

1*jute pouch

1* Flower tea spoon

5. ►Suggest:

The bamboo utensils is dishwasher safe, still we recommend to hand wash them for a longer lifetime.

6. ►Service:

Any problems with the bamboo travel utensils , please let us know and we will send you the replacement, refund, or whatever you request!