Eco Friendly Garden Products

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We are proud of the wide range of eco friendly garden products we carry on our website.

We all use various tools, soils,  seeds, mulching and watering systems to ensure we have the perfect garden. We also plan that it would be our perfect little ecosystem.

The garden tools on our website are made from resources that nature grows rapidly and is easy to replace. An example of this is the use of bamboo instead of wood whenever feasible.

Our advice is that you always purchase rust resistant tools so as to avoid having to replace them each spring. These tools are usually  made of heat treated stainless steel and bamboo that will last for multiple seasons saving you  money along the way and the earth some scarce resources.

Other materials we ask you to look for in your tools and implements are recycled materials. Garden tools made from Ceramic materials are also recommended as they can be used several times. Our site also have products   are of biodegradable  materials

We urge you to also use our all natural bug repellent. You will be keeping pests away from you , your family and your plants without introducing more harsh chemicals to the environment.

Happy gardening!