ECOLULU Natural Bamboo Dish Brush Plant Based Bristles | 3 Pack Wooden Dish Brush | Bamboo Scrub Brush for Cleaning Dishes, Pots, Pans and Vegetables | Biodegradable Eco Friendly Products

  •  ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS, ZERO WASTE: Lets go Green! Our bamboo dish brush set is 100% Natural, Chemical free, Biodegradable & Sustainable
  • 💪 EFFECTIVE: 2 different bamboo dish brush enables effective cleaning with 2 different levels – medium and hard.
  • 🛠️ MULTI-PURPOSE: 2 White bamboo dish brush are suitable for softer scrubbing of dishes, pots and pans, wonderful for cleaning fruit and vegetables. Darker brush for hard surfaces like cast iron skillet, sink, stove, barbecue grill etc as well as other household needs like floors, showers, tile, toilets, carpet, walls and more
  • 👌NON STICKY : Our plant-based bristles are naturally non sticky and dry quickly – so less grease and bacteria!
  • 🎁 ECO FRIENDLY GIFT: Bamboo dish brush set is packed in a nice cardboard box – a lovely and practical zero waste gift to environmentally friendly family & friends.


Product description

About Bamboo Dish Brushes:

🌿 Our Bamboo dish brush set is 100% natural. Handle is made of bamboo and bristles are pure plant based. Bamboo – a miracle of nature, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, which makes it a real eco friendly and sustainable choice. We designed both brushes in a round shape for comfortable holding. Combined with powerful and heat resistant bristles these wonderful brushes can easily scrub away stuck-on food from all kinds of kitchenware.

🛠️ Multi-Use:
The brushes with bright bristles are made of medium-soft sisal plant fiber and are ideal for scrubbing regular dishes, kitchenware, non stick pots and pans, fruits & vegetables and other household necessities. Dark brush is made of stiff tampico fiber – a mixture of a few different plants – and wonderful for scrubbing hard surfaces like cast iron pans/pots, Baking pans, sink, stove, barbecue grill etc.

✋How to use?
Both bamboo dish brushes are ready for use right away. After use, let it dry with bristles facing down to avoid soaking handle in water for a long time.