LiquiDirt Nano Powder All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer Indoor Outdoor (Makes 45 gallons)18 Balanced Super Foods for Plants - Balanced Blend of Vitamins Minerals Micro-Fungi and Bio-Organisms

Product description

Liqui-Dirt is all you need, with full Microbial, Micro-Fungi and Vitamin complex. Our Nano Powder concentrates completely revitalize your soil and or hydroponics aquaponics ecosystems enabling proper nutrition and fluid uptake by your plants. Liqui-Dirt Nano Powder is added to water making a super concentrate. This concentrate is further diluted for all plants requirements. This super concentrated formula makes Liquid Dirt lower priced per square foot, than most chemical, organic, or tea, fertilizers. Liqui-Dirt Nano Organic Powder is 100% water soluble. We set the gold standard for organic soil nutrition and revitalization. This elemental formula is perfect for All Plants, Gardens, Houseplants, Hydroponics even your Lawn. What’s in the powder? Only the purest, organic ingredients from start to finish. Organic is taken to a new level! We harvest, Grow, and Mine every ingredient.



WHAT IS IT: Fully Digested Elemental, All Natural Plant Supplement. Complete Micro-fungi, pH Balanced formula. Its like liquid dirt!
WHATS IN IT: 18 Balanced Super Foods For Plants Including Poultry Litter, Rabbit Manure, Bat Guano, Cricket Scat, Humic Shale, Worm Castings, Oyster Shell, Mycorrhizae, Dolomite limes, Kelp Meal, Gypsum, Alfalfa meal, Concentrated Fulvic Acid, Blood meal, Proprietary mineral blend from organic sources, Natural flowing spring water, PH Balancing.
WHY USE IT: Use Liquidirt to Increase growth and nutrition for all plants Indoor Houseplants to Gardens even Lawns. Yes Flowers, Trees and Shrubs too! Give your plants the nutrition they deserve.
HOW ITS MADE: Through our Zymology process we change the 18 ingredients into thousands of separate fully digested and readily absorbable elements. The vitamins and the microbial index are essential to a plants life.
HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT: 100% Pet Safe, No odors, No Chemicals, Non-GMO, Naturally Organic. Proudly Made by hand in the USA. From Our farm to you.