PETOCAT Litter Box Liners, 34 Count Jumbo Cat Litter Pan liners, Drawstring Litter Liner Bags For Litter Box, Easy Clean Up. Thick Large Kitty Litter Liner XL, Eco Friendly Pet Cat Supplies(36" x 19")

  • Super thick durable litter box liners – heavy duty litter liners is made by rugged material, scratch-resistant, tear-resistant and waterproof. No more urine or rubbish seeping into your bin. Strong enough to withstand your lovely kitty claws.
  • Convenient drawstring -the cat litter bag are designed with the sturdy drawstring handles for easy disposal. Just grab the drawstrings, lift and the bag comes out, no spilling or breaking or mess.
  • 34 Jumbo litter box liners – Each box comes with 34 kitty litter bags. Jumbo size (36″ x 19″ x 2 mil), fit for most litter boxes. What’s more, Each bag is separate, would NOT tear at the seam when you open it like other brand
  • Life saver – the PETOCAT litter liner is born for the cat lovers, it makes litter box clean up a breeze. Empty the cat litter box without the mess and dust, just tie up and throw away about per week, easy and hygienic.
  • Customer service – Please feel free to contact with us at any time If you are not satisfied with PETOCAT Drawstring Cat Litter Pan Bags, we will fully refund. We are aim to help you enjoy the happy time with your lovely cat.

Product description

PETOCAT Cat Litter Box Liners—A must-have for cat owner


100% Pure Durable Material

Extra thick design(2mil/50μm)

scratch-resistant, Waterproof

Convenient drawstring handles

Each bag is separate (34 liners)

Jumbo Size — 36″ X 19″

Makes the unpleasant cleaning chore a breeze!

Quick and easy to clean up by 3 steps:

1:Unfold liner and fit into the bottom of the litter box

2: Fill approximately 2-3″ of cat litter in the clean litter bags

3: when it’s time to clean up, simply lift the liner, tie it up and toss it out .

clean up done!Just left with a clean and non-smelling litter box,

It takes only about 1-2 minutes to clean the litter box completely every week!

Drawstring Litter Liners – make it SUPER easy to clean the box, just 3 seconds

Just pulls drawstrings out, tie a knot and lift the bag, throw it away into the normal trash can !

And it’s also heavy-duty, can hold up about 20lbs litter.

No spilling, No breaking, No mess. Just, awesome.

Thicker material, say goodbye to the ripped bag!

The PETOCAT liner is made by the heavy-gauge plastic liner with superior strength. Thickness up to 2 mil, strong enough to withstand the kitty claws. As showed in the photo, no tearing after test!

100% Pure New Material

PETOCAT are aimed to provide the high quality and safety products for customers!

We totally understand that the kitty play the important roles in our life.

So we insist on using 100% pure material, perfume- free and deodorant-free.

Each of PETOCAT Litter liner is separated, would NOT tear at the seam like other’ s connected liners.

You can use our safe cat litter bags without hesitance!

Jumbo Size — Fit For Most Of Litter Boxes / Pans

PETOCAT Litter Bags measured by 36″ x 19″ (91.5cm by 45.7cm), fit for the litter box that up to 18 in by 23 in. DO NOT fit for the ‘extra-large’ tray. Please measure the size of your litter box before ordering.